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Re: [IP] I can't explain this...

I guess now you know how quickly I can read mail sometimes.  

The gourmet beans are as the book says...before the flavoring is added.
The flavoring - on things such as Irish Creme and Hazelnut, for example -
is added to the beans after (some do it before) roasting.  As one might
guess, a flavor that is added is probably sweetened.  I get the varieties
from different countries and leave the flavored to those more adventerous
folks.  I figure that isn't - wasn't, now that I have the pump!  :-) -
where my food counts should go.  I guess that is part of my re-education
having the pump.


At 02:58 AM 7/4/1998 -0700, you wrote:
>I like to buy gourmet coffee beans (Starbucks, Grounds for Coffee, etc.)
>and grind them myself just before I make the coffee. 
 some of the gourmet flavors will raise my BG a bit ...
>especially my favorite Irish Creme.  My only guess is that there must be
>something in the flavoring and/or processing of these beans that adds
>extra Carbos to them.  According to the book "The Complete Book of Food
>Counts" by Corinne T. Netzer, brewed coffee has 0.8 grams carbo per 6
>oz. cup.  I have never found any nutritional analysis of the gourmet
>coffee beans, though.

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