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[IP] Send Your Diabetic Child to Camp

Connie, I am so glad you decided to send Marisa to camp.  That is an important
thing for every parent to do for their diabetic child.  Of course, this is
just my opinion, but I am so happy my parents did this for me.  I went to
diabetic camp when I was nine and continued until I became a counselor for a
few years.  It was a great experience to be around other diabetic children (I
had not known any) and to get away from home.  I felt a tremendous freedom
being away from my parents.  Because my parents were very concerned about my
health (as they should be), I felt a type of oppression from them watching
everything I did.  "Oppression" might not be the right word--maybe "smothered"
is better.  Anyway, my parents were great and concerned, but it became too
much for me, although I did not know it at the time.  This is not an
indictment against my parents, but just to say that a child needs a break from
that.  Camp is a good, healthy way for a child to get that break and have fun
too.  It is, of course, a necessary break for the parents, also.  It should
give some temporary relief from all the day to day stress you deal with.  I
highly recommend parents sending their kids to camp when they are old enough
not to get too homesick.  I was very ready at nine (IDDM at 8).  ellen  
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