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[IP] non-sticky sweat probs

I thought I had been doing so well with the sticky situation of keeping
plugged in, until this last weekend.  I needed to re-insert Sat am. I
had become unplugged somehow during the night.  Tests went a little
crazy, but got it back down and in range by bedtime.  Sunday, same
thing. I put the new in my thigh, did all the things that was suggested,
used I/V.prep, inserted through IV 3000, Prepped that laid another IV
3000 over that and the canula.  Looked solid as a rock. It was all dry
too.  I dressed to do my hot weather things, and by 4Pm the dang thing
was out again!  I do sweat alot. I have the new set in a higher
position, under my ribs, and after inserting it at 5pm last night, it
was looking like it might fall out already.  The only thing I haven't
done is gone back to the sof-sets, and the anti-pirspirent (sp) 
What brand do the people that use this anti-sweat stuff use?  I can't
afford any more weekends like this one
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