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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #409

ellen, it may not be good idea just to insert the cannula and not bolus.
With an unfilled catheter, it is possible for there to be sufficient tissue
compression that can flatten or maybe kink the catheter.  Once this happens
the opening might be very small, and this could cause problems with
delivery.  After insertion, it is advisable to bolus at least enough to
fill up the catheter rather soon.

<<<<<<<From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] change causes low bg

A few months ago there were alot of posts about BGs going high a couple of
hours after changing sets.  Well, I have had the opposite problem.  After I
change the tender or tender and tubing, my BG goes low.  I have solved this
problem by NOT bolusing any insulin to fill the deadspace in the canula.  Has
anyone else had this problem?  Does anyone have a theory why this might be
happening?  Just curious.  ellen >>>>>>>>>>>>

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