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[IP] made it thru surgery...

Hello all,
    For those of you that didn't know, I had my laparoscopy Friday.
Nothing I will venture to repeat anytime in the near future!  I kept
everyone dying laughing with my lizard story up until they knocked me
out with the gas (they lied and said it was oxygen?!)  I was in room 13,
how convienent!  I was poked 4 times until they finally found a vein for
the IV...they were actually talking about going for the jugular vein (I
don't think so!)  I don't have much pain from the procedure itself
BUT...the air that they have to pump you up with doesn't all escape like
they want you to think!  My stomach is huge and every time I move a
different position my stomach moves too.  It's pretty nauseating!
Speaking of nauseating...I dry heaved my whole way out through the
surgical waiting room and the outpatient waiting room.  In between
heaves, I would look at everyone staring at me and wave and smile!  The
Dr. found nothing (female) wrong - surprise, surprise - but he wants to
schedule me for a FULL G.I. workup because he says I have an extremely
distended colon.  (My husband told him I was full of S***!!)  By the
way...in the O.R. they pumped me full of D5W, the IV full of dextrose
which they were told by my endo. NOT to do!!!  Fun, Fun!  But I
survived?!?  I've taken the whole week off...that should be enough time
to expel all this air?!?                         -Tonya D.  :-)

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