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Re: [IP] Will the true canula volume please stand up?

John, I thought your explanation of how much in the canula was very
interesting, but I believe the canula volume has been over dramatized.  When I
said that the disetronic instruction said .75 and then they said approx. 1.0 U
of insulin.  I believe they are approximating for me.  My disetronic pump
delivers boluses in 0.5 U doses, therefore to prime the canula, I could take
0.5 or 1.0, I can't take 0.8.  Therefore, these instructions were fine for me.
I realize with a child and some adults, these doses have to be more precise.
But, like everything with diabetes, YMMV.  I have figured out that I do not
need to bolus any when I change sets because my BG drops a couple of hours
later.  Isn't this how everyone works with the data they get from their dr. or
the info. that comes with equipment?  I start out with what they say and then
I adjust it to fit me.  I haven't found anything that works precisely yet.
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