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[IP] update on lisa and tyler

 hi everyone 
this is lisa nice tina and she want me to update yall she is doing good she up
and setting in a chair and had some supper this was about 5:30pm tyler came
into the world at 1:35pm just about 6 mints after getting to the hosptial and
she had tyler in the er and went real good her dr said that was had no trouble
with the 6 hours labor and her weter broke and tyler came about 10 later she
told me he was born at 1:20 but her mother said tyler came at1:35pm iam sorry
about the time i was excited that i told yall the worng time had tyler in the
er but she is doing good she is tird and bs did go down to 30 after tyler came
but was some better at 3pm to 80 and at 5:30pm when she eat it was 116 she
want to come home and be in the chat to night but the dr told her to stay to
night and she should be able to come home monday but the dr said that the fast
delivery was good and bs went down but came right back up and the pump is back
on the normal raet be for pregnancy and doing good and she want to tell yall
she had been on the pump a year to day july the 12 
tyler has blue eye and light brown hair and good sounding lungs he came out
 will iam going to let yall go and i will keep yall update oh by the way he
weight 6 1/2 pounds and 14 oz and 20 inchs long    she send her love to yall 
  with love tina her nices from hunstville  
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