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Re: [IP] Colorado insurances

>Okay...  I'm looking for information from people who are insured in

Kimberly - We live in Colorado Springs and have Great West insurance (CU
Gold plan...my husband teaches at UCCS) and had a great experience getting
the pump for my 9 yo daughter, Stephanie through them. Once we convinced the
endo, I called insurance to see what steps would be necessary for them to
pay for it. They requested their standard referral form (not even a letter
of medical necessity!), and said they would pay 100% if we purchased through
their subcontractor (Visiting Nurses Association) or 60% if we went out of
network to make the purchase. VNA here in The Springs admittedly knows
nothing about pumps, and wanted us to deal through Denver. The Denver VNA
said we would want local support, wouldn't we, and was there anyone here in
the Springs who they could sub-sub-contract through so that our insurance
would pay 100% and we'd have necessary follow-up support! We'd been working
through the Diabetes Support Center here (the owner is a CDE and pumps
herself!) and were tickled pink with the fact that VNA wanted us to find
someone here for them to work through! Within thirty days, the pump was paid
in full, with nary a question from the insurance office! If only the endo
had been so cooperative!

Betsy (Steph's mom)

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