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[IP] Colorado insurances

Okay...  I'm looking for information from people who are insured in 
Colorado.  I am trying to find which insurances are pump friendly.  I 
lose my Kaiser insurance at the end of August, but I'm going back to 
school so I can take student insurance from CSU.  Problem is that I know 
that this insurance is inadequate.  I could COBRA my insurance, but it 
isn't worth it.  Kaiser won't cover anything but my Humalog anymore, and 
their doctors won't even talk to me because when I ask an intelligent, 
medically sound question about something they tell me to do, I get 
"Oh... I guess you know what you're doing then." and the doctor walks 
out of the room.  I think I am experiencing some retinal changes but 
their opthamologist told me he only saw some "very minor" diabetes 
related changes.  I asked what "minor" meant and he said "there is some 
change" and then left the room. (I feel like I'm getting medically 
abandoned because I've been so "difficult" and I put myself on an 
insulin pump to get some semblance of control back.)  So now I'm 
considering trying to purchase my own insurance if possible since I need 
some medical help.  I'm researching cost, availability, and coverage.

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