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Re: [IP] Glucose Meters

> The only disadvantage is getting the strips out of
> the foil pack-takes some work.
> In closing this is the meter I would use.

Have you tried LifeScan's SureStep meter?  With limited mobility being
an issue, it's a good choice.  The strips aren't individually wrapped,
they're long and easy to grasp, and the bottle is large with a twist-off

> at the end of the summer I
> will lose this 507 if something is not resolved.

We are also in the middle of an insurance battle and my husband made a
very good point -- don't give the loaner back until your insurance comes
through.  What are they going to do?  Send someone to your home to take
the pump from you?  I will not willingly give back Kayla's loaner pump
until I have the new one in my hot little hand.

>  I live in a hot climate and I find the Humalog Insulin bubbles when it
> is very hot. This has caused  NO DELIVERY ALARMS constantly. I take the
> syringe and push insulin through the tubing and everything is fine.

Are you sure it's the heat?  I live in south Georgia where it's been
over 100 for weeks now.  Kayla spends most of the day outside with her
pump and we've had no problems with No Delivery alarms.  She also uses
Humalog.  Others on the list can give you good tips for removing air
bubbles, but they may not be caused by the heat.

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