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> Hi, Kim was approved for the pump and will start Monday!  We're excited but
> really nervous!  Kim hasn't been back to the hospital since diagnosis 1.5
> yrs ago and is pretty scared about spending 3 days there for training. 
> But, she also wants the pump so she's going to do it!!!  This is all pretty
> overwhelming for a mom let alone a 10 yr old. 

Tell Kim not to worry about the hospital stay. Mostly it will be 
verrryyyyy borrriiiiinnnngggggg.......... The will just want to 
watch. Mom, chances are you may know more about setting basal rates 
by now than they do. I assume you have read Pumping Insulin and all 
the HOWTO stuff on the web page. Lily went on her pump when she was 
11. Just dropped by the docs office after pumping saline for a few 
days and he said OK do it. So she loaded up her pump with insulin and 
went home. On the way we passed a MacDonalds and she said "Dad, can I 
have an apple pie". Brought tears to my eyes, still does. Anyway 
that's how she started pumping. Tell Kim she has my best wishes and I 
am sure those of the rest of the group AND make a list of the good 
things she wants to eat when they turn her loose.

Kim may want to talk to the other kids who pump. Many of them belong 
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