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[IP] tendonitis

    Thanks soooo much, everybody who responded about their experiences
with tendonitis!! The shoulder is still sore, but now that I see it
really CAN take a long time to loosen up, I feel a lot better!! Hurt
it once, back in Sept, by stretching in bed one morning.Then when
working with 2yr olds, I moved it the wrong way again, and basically
it's been hurting ever since. had to quit working, as it was getting
on my nerves realy bad. I was an RN, but when I quit working here in
Louisiana 10 yrs ago, i checked "inactive" on my license. Found out
later that to get my license back to active status, I would have to
take the licensing exam again !!! YUK! :(  
     Hoping to get back with the local ADA chapter soon, probably when
school is in session again. They said they would probably put me on
the phones, which is fine with me. Am hoping to get the shoulder
somewhat better first though. Otherwise it would be had to do stuff at
home after using my arm all day on the phone! Tried it one day, and I
really paid for it.
   Oh well, enough of me. Keep moving those joints, everybody!! Don't
let them stiffen up on you!!! If we can learn how to deal with
pumping, surely we can learn how to deal with other, not so
life-threatening, though vvvery aggravating things like tendonitis...
RIGHT?   Grtting tired of being grouchy!
    Barb G

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