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[IP] Update on Kerry S.

Sorry for the delay in updating everyone about Kerry.  The dr had to change
her med for the depression.  It was making her hallucinate.  The new med is
working great.  Unfortunately Kerry had to spend some time in a mental
hospital.  She is home now and the hospital stay appears to be very
beneficial with regard to her overall health.  Even her control has
improved.  Since she has been home, approx two weeks, her bg has dropped
below 50 five times.  This has been a much needed change and her spirit has
returned.  Kerry will be able to return to work on Monday 7/13.  We want to
thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers for they have been a source of
strength and inspiration.  Her last a1c, which was taken while in the
hospital, was 4.9.  This is getting up to what they want it to be.. It is
still low, but improvement is seen.  Her last tsh was even normal.  If
anyone would like further information about Kerry, please feel free to
e-mail us privately at email @ redacted .  We will return all e-mails.
Thanks again for your support.

Brian Spitler

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