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[IP] Glucose Meters

I have tried every meter lifescan, advantage etc. and the best I have found
is Glucometer Elite. It uses a smaller sample(30 secs to read) and is in
close compatiability with glucose readings taken at the Doctor's office.
This meter is made by Bayer Corp.
I tested a new model with all the bells and whistles and believe me it was
no go.
One thing I found is the ease of the meter with one hand as I have only a
20% use of my left hand. The only disadvantage is getting the strips out of
the foil pack-takes some work.
In closing this is the meter I would use.
In reference to dead space my diabetic educator has advised me to put .50
units of insulin into that dead space (cannula). I use Disetronic Tenders.
Now a couple of problems:
1: When I was put on an insulin pump; insurance would not pay for it. So a
refurbished MiniMed 506 was donated. It died early April 1998. Insurance
refused to pay for another and advised my Doctor to put me back on the
needles. Within one week i was back to 300 and above sugar levels. My
Diabetic Educator then loaned me a  MiniMed 507 which in two weeks I had
come back down to reasonable levels. I am now at  120 readings avg/week. I
currently have a legal aid lawyer to make the insurance co. pay for the pump.
Since then my Diabetic Educator has quit and at the end of the summer I
will lose this 507 if something is not resolved.
Due to a severe motorcycle accident I am disabled and the only income I
have is Social Security Disability and Medicare. I also have an HMO
Medicaid-PCA.  It is PCA that is giving me the trouble. Anyone having any
ideas on how to push the insurance company to pay for my pump; it would be
appreciated as without the pump my chances of surviving diabetes will be
2. I live in a hot climate and I find the Humalog Insulin bubbles when it
is very hot. This has caused  NO DELIVERY ALARMS constantly. I take the
syringe and push insulin through the tubing and everything is fine. At
first I thought it was the sight - so I changed it. Still results were the
same. My doctor let me use another 507 for a day in case the pump was bad.
But same results. So I went back to my 507. Any ideas on this.
Thanks for listening.
Willard Bell [ email @ redacted ]

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