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Re: [IP] Humalog and other questions

Goodman, Nina (NCI) wrote:
I started on the
> Minimed 506 (using QR softset) 2+ years ago.  I think I'm doing all I can to
> attain good control for my diabetes, but a recent visit with the doctor told me
> otherwise.  He said my counts are too sporadic, usually on the high side, and I
> really need to consider rethinking how I'm managing things.  In reality, I think
> I do quite well.  I try to exercise 3-4 days a week and take a weekly yoga
> class, I eat based on the food pyramid, (calculating boluses by carbo counting),
> I check my sugars 5-10 times a day, I keep meticulous daily records of
> everything (from blood sugars to boluses, meals, exercise, how I feel,
> medications I take, etc...), and I try not to stress the small stuff.  Still, I
> can't seem to obtain decent control.  One thing I'm going to do is start using
> Humalog in the pump.  I was weary in doing so because I know it hasn't been
> formally approved for pump use, and if for some reason the pump is
> malfunctioning, the risk of ketoacidosis is higher given it's short lag time.
> So my first question for people out there...what are your experiences with
> Humalog in the pump?

Go for it! It's so much easier to use and immediate that control is much more
likely possible using Humalog. About Humalog not being formally approved for 
pump use by the FDA, so what? Many medications are used for things not approved
by the FDA, and are often much better than what they have gotten around to
testing. Always remember that the FDA plays it safe and only has a certain
of budget to afford testing all kinds of medicines. Since they have approved
Humalog for sale to diabetics they likely aren't too concerned about testing it
specifically for the pump since it's a relively small (but growing) part of a
small market. They likely think other things are more important for general
care in the USA.

I've been using Humalog in my MM506 since it first went on sale. It's a 2 edged
since it acts fast it's more effectivve and loses the problem that R or
Velosulin have
with a "tail" effect 3 hours after bolusing (which can drive your control
crazy), but
may lead to DKA in some cases when there's a problem. Anyway on a pump who tests
much as you do will find out as soon as there is a problem and correct it. If
you were
only testing once or twice a day it COULD be a problem, but anybody on a pump
that infrequently is asking for trouble anyway......

The occasional possible high spike is not as big a problem as the constant
snacks and 
hypos caused by the tail of R. As a matter of fact if you catch the rising bg
and correct
for it right away you will have a shorter high with a faster recovery with a
better level of control. I'd suggest you try it and find out how immeasureably
it is, since R makes the pump almost as balky as shots, with a locked routine.

> Other things I'd like to hear from people about...how do you go about taking the
> pump off for an extended period of time, say an entire weekend? 

I don't!

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Type 1 for 42+ years, MM506 pump for 4.6 years, Humalog for almost 4 (?) years

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