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Re: [IP] Responses to my concerns about my son doing his own blo

> The micro-blade on the lancet is coated with a lubricant. When the 
> lubricant wears off, it does not cut as cleanly. The blade is not 
> actually dull, but tears the flesh a little more. I don't know what 
> the number of uses is to do this but with 5-8 tests a day it probably 
> is not more than a week at the most.

I'm inclined to agree with Michael. Yes, lancets are intrinsically safe.
You squeeze blood straight back out of the wound, thus flushing out
anything infectious, and the wound seals and heals immediately (as
opposed to the infusion set, where you intentionally keep the wound
open, so liable to infection).

But there is a silicone lubricant on the surfaces of the blade, which
gives a really smooth clean cut, which heals quicker. That's technology
for you. The silicone wears off fairly quickly, and so you loose the
benefit. It's like wet-shaving with the same razor all year: it works,
but not quite so well. Razor blades have the same coating, to give you a
smooth shave the first few times, and then it's a bit rougher.

I reuse lancets (and razors!) for a week or two, then change.

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