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[IP] 40 weeks had a good check up

 hi everyoe 
how are yaa doing iam doing real good and just got home from the ob dr and me
and tyler are doing real good and he said that tyler is just about into
postion and could come at any time and that iam was doing real good bs have
beedn real good and the pump as made this pregnancy much eazer and i had not
had any trouble thoughout this pregnancy so now we will wate and see when
tyler will come iam on light bed rest and at home i need your love and support
and widsom and now with out lee it has been hard but my family is hear and
that has help i wish lee could be hear but he is in my heart and in spirt if
tyler has not come by july 24 he will induce labor iam now 40 weeks due was
july the 10 but tyler is not hear yet iam very tird and hot and uncomfortable
my back is hurtting iam so tird and i miss lee now more then everi need yall
love and support iam just feeling down now and i wish lee could be hear that
all but he is looking down and i feel him in my heart so what ever widsom and
word you can share i could use it iam just feeling down but i will make it iam
going to lay down now and see yall saturday night 
                with love lisa 
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