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[IP] Humalog and other questions

Hi everyone.  I only joined the listserv a couple of weeks ago.  The profile I
left was quite cryptic because I've never joined a listserv before and didn't
know what they were all about.  Now that I'm getting how it works, I thought I'd
give it a try and throw some questions I have out there.  Just to provide some
background, I was diagnosed 11 years ago when I was 14.  I started on the
Minimed 506 (using QR softset) 2+ years ago.  I think I'm doing all I can to
attain good control for my diabetes, but a recent visit with the doctor told me
otherwise.  He said my counts are too sporadic, usually on the high side, and I
really need to consider rethinking how I'm managing things.  In reality, I think
I do quite well.  I try to exercise 3-4 days a week and take a weekly yoga
class, I eat based on the food pyramid, (calculating boluses by carbo counting),
I check my sugars 5-10 times a day, I keep meticulous daily records of
everything (from blood sugars to boluses, meals, exercise, how I feel,
medications I take, etc...), and I try not to stress the small stuff.  Still, I
can't seem to obtain decent control.  One thing I'm going to do is start using
Humalog in the pump.  I was weary in doing so because I know it hasn't been
formally approved for pump use, and if for some reason the pump is
malfunctioning, the risk of ketoacidosis is higher given it's short lag time.
So my first question for people out there...what are your experiences with
Humalog in the pump?  

Other things I'd like to hear from people about...how do you go about taking the
pump off for an extended period of time, say an entire weekend?  My doctor
recommended taking a shot of "U" in the morning and multiple "R" in the day.
I've become so reliant on the pump, however, that I'm nervous to give it a try.
And has anyone had experience with upgrading their Minimed from a 506 to a 507.
I'd really like to have the advanced features (esp. the nightlite), but unless
there's medical necessity, I cannot get approval to do so.  Any suggestions?

That's all I'll put out there for now.  Oh, and to Wayne at Johns Hopkins, I'm
just curious, are you a student?, professor?, employee? At JH School of Public
Health.  I just graduated from the school last May, and was wondering.

I've really enjoyed reading what people have to say and not feeling so alone
regarding pump issues. Looking forward to hearing from people, and thanks in
advance.  (And thanks Catherine H. for your welcome message.)
N. Goodman

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