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[IP] Will the true canula volume please stand up?

Ok, I know we've been over this before but I notcied something strange as I
was changing my set this morning.  I use MiniMed Silhouettes, and get the
"combo" packs.  There is an extra canula for each complete set with tubing so
you can change the canula mid-week without having to replace the tubing and
refill or replace the syringe. 

Anyway, on the paper cover of the set it lists "deadspace" which I assume to
mean the volume of the empty canula.  The weird thing is, on the package with
the complete set (tubing and everything) it says the deadspace is .01 ml (1.0
unit) and on the package with the canula only, the deadspace is listed as
.0075 ml or .75 units.  These came from the same box and have identical lot
numbers and expiration dates.

So, now I'm confused again as to the "real" volume of a
Silhouette/Tender/Comfort set.  This info is printed on the paper covering the
plastic "tray" that the sets come in and has the MiniMed logo on it.  I
suppose I should write to MM and try to get the straight scoop from them.  I
am curious of anyone who uses a tender or comfort could look on their
packaging and see if it says anything about "deadspace".

Mary Jean
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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