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Re: [IP] Chat

One can also download a free program called ICQ that lets everyone join a
chat session.  Files and photos can all be sent.  I myself wonder what all
the members on this list look like in real life.  I've created all sorts of
imaginative images of individuals in my mind based on peoples comments and
internet personalities.  It might be nice to see how close my mentamages
are to real life.  The only person on this list I've seen is Sara, who
tried to seduce me with a lovely photo :-), but and only the 200 miles
between us prevented her success (not to mention the wife and 4 daughters
 ICQ works on Macs and PCs and takes only a few minutes to set up.  Info is
at www.icq.com

<<<<<<From: email @ redacted
In a message dated 98-07-08 22:07:33 EDT, you write:

> Only aol members can use aol chats.  We are working on setting up another
> chat
>  area for everyone else.  I hear it will take a little time :-)

We could all meet on IRC.  That doesn't really take any set up time, except
for people who don't have the proper software.  They'd need to install it and
learn how to use it.


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