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[IP] re funny lizard/diabetes stories

Okay... I have to tell this one.  I keep... well... exotic animals on 
occasion.  A friend calls me one evening in an obvious panic.  Animal 
control is closed, and there is one HUGE snake in his front tree.  I 
come over only to find that the police have arrived and are only scaring 
the animal and convincing it to retreat deeper into the tree.  Luckily 
they had a ladder.  I climb up and retrieve an 8 foot Burmese python 
from the tree.  She was probably more than happy to see something warm 
to crawl around, and I figured that I probably didn't resemble the food 
of choice for pet pythons. (Rats or rabbits)  I then realize that I'm 
getting low so my friend grabs the dex tabs from the car to give me, but 
refuses to get close to the snake I have draped around my shoulders.  He 
drops the tabs and backs off s-l-o-w-l-y.   I was glad the snake was a 
baby Burmese.  There was no way I was going up in a tree after a 24 ft 
long Reticulated python.  Turns out the snake was getting bigger than 
parents ever thought possible so they told their teenage son to get rid 
of it.  (It's pretty hard to get rid of an 8 ft python.)  So this moron 
decides to turn it loose!!!

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