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[IP] Dilute Humulog

A couple weeks ago I wrote that I was going to try dilute Humulog for my three
year old son who has been pumping for 6 weeks now.  My doctor found out at the
ADA convention in Chicago that the deluent for NPH was compatible with Humulog
and could be used to dilute it.  I diluted the Humulog myself each time I
filled his syringe.  We found that the solution became thick and caused the
pump to alarm no delivery.  My son's blood sugars were the highest they have
been since starting on the pump.  We trialed the dilute Humulog for one week
and now am back on U100 Humulog with much better success.  For those of us
with small children on pumps having the pump set in the U50 mode gives us the
ability to pump in increments of .05.  This is why we tried the dilute
insulin, but I will wait until there is a specific deluent for Humulog  before
trying again.

Kathy S.
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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