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Re: [IP] this tops all my stories!!!!

Hi Tonya,

I am having so much fun living life vicariously through your stories.  I
don't know if my heart could take actually living like you do!  I love
every minute of it -- keep on enjoying life and making the best of every

<< O'kay...I am famous for my stories but listen to this one!!!!   It
nothing to do with diabetes except the fact that my adrenaline is
playing havoc on my blood sugar!!!  I come home from work and a lady
down the street calls to me from a distance and tells me to walk slowly
on the sidewalk towards her.  Totally perplexed...I walk slowly on the
sidewalk towards her.  As I get close to her she points to the tree I
had just parked under and actually overhangs my house.  HERE IS A
HUGE(the length of my arm)IGUANA HANGING OUT IN THE
TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The funny thing is there honestly is a monitor
lizard (8 foot long) loose in the neighboring city.  After the
adrenaline rush I tested at 50, I thought adrenaline made you go
up?!?!?  My friend raises exotic animals (thank god!) and he is coming
to get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But until he gets here I keep checking the tree
every 2 minutes!!!!
- -Tonya D.    :-) >>


	... Sue  :-)

		For a healthy heart ...
		Give your Faith a workout!

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