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[IP] Here leezard, leezard, leezard...

O'kay...The lizard is gone.  It was about 5 feet long once we got her
down and could really look at her!  As soon as my friend drove 45
minutes to my house climbed up a 20 foot tree, nearly fell in the
process, the animal patrol pulls up with another car behind her with
some lady screaming..."Romeo, Romeo, is that you?!?!"  No joke- I
swear.  I'm laughing at the insanity of all this as my friend hangs from
a breaking branch.  He falls and the lady, sunbaked with skin like the
lizard, smoking away at a cigarette gets really snippy with us telling
us to let her lizard go!!  Please lady, we just saved it!  She told us
it is dying of kidney disease and it can hardly move.  Hello, it walked
over 3 streets away and climbed a 20 foot tree.  She finally thanked us
a few times and drove away.  End of story.  The 8 foot monitor lizard is
still on the loose one city over!!    Too funny!      -Tonya D.

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