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[IP] this tops all my stories!!!!

O'kay...I am famous for my stories but listen to this one!!!!   It has
nothing to do with diabetes except the fact that my adrenaline is
playing havoc on my blood sugar!!!  I come home from work and a lady
down the street calls to me from a distance and tells me to walk slowly
on the sidewalk towards her.  Totally perplexed...I walk slowly on the
sidewalk towards her.  As I get close to her she points to the tree I
had just parked under and actually overhangs my house.  HERE IS A
HUGE(the length of my arm)IGUANA HANGING OUT IN THE
TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The funny thing is there honestly is a monitor
lizard (8 foot long) loose in the neighboring city.  After the
adrenaline rush I tested at 50, I thought adrenaline made you go
up?!?!?  My friend raises exotic animals (thank god!) and he is coming
to get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But until he gets here I keep checking the tree
every 2 minutes!!!!
-Tonya D.    :-)

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