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[IP] To Andy: blood tests at camp and school


I missed the beginnings of this thread, so my apologies if this has been
said before, but:

I use the old empty containers from my One Touch Profile test strips to
hold used strips at work. (I peel the label off, so I don't mix up the
containers). When travelling, I'll bring a couple of extras with me to hold
lancets, introducer needles from infusion sets, and anything else which
might cause concern if thrown out in the trash. I'd imagine this would work
with a child as well. Plastic film cannisters also work well for lancets,
but are often too small for test strips. Containers like this pack well,
you can usually fit a couple in your pockets with no problems, etc.

Someone at my workplace would only be at risk of exposure if they jumped
over my desk while I'm testing my blood and landed on my BG monitor. Not
likely, but hey, you never know ;-)

I've been re using lancets for years (I don't use the same lancet for
years, I've just been using this technique for years). I used to store them
in a covered dish with alcohol, but haven't done that for at least a couple
years. I've had no problems with infections before or since. I just leave
my current lancet in the device and change it when convenient or necessary.
This is usually when I'm home and can discard it in the proper container.


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