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[IP] Pump dropping experience

     I guess I average over a drop a month.  While never 'fortunate' enough 
     to send the pump swimming in the toilet, I have dropped it on 
     carpeting, hard floors (wood, ceramic, stone) and other places.
     I also find the Tenders (or whatever version of them I happen to get 
     this month) stay in without too much problem but I've had decent luck 
     with catheters by the 'whole in the center' method prior to the 
     By the way, if anyone LIKES Smith&Nephew IV3000 HIGH MVP Transparent 
     Dressings I've found a box of 100 of them.  They are up for grabs to 
     first taker.
     Actually, new pumps are pretty good with 'crashes'.  In the 'old days' 
     we worried about our pumps commiting suicide WITHOUT any outside help.
     Run-away pumping happened back then as did disconnects, fall-outs and 
     sudden-death (as well as batteries lasting only a day or three).
     Ahhhh the good old days ...  (Anyone who is having trouble adjusting 
     to their new pump or wondering whether a pump is for them can write to 
     me off-line.  If I've stayed with it for past 18 years despite the 
     original five or six, there must be something I like about it).

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