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Re: [IP] Self-testing at Camp

On  7 Jul 98 at 12:37, Alan Shusterman wrote:

> Today, a staff member at camp (a teacher or school nurse) brought up
> to the director how this would not be permitted at school, and the
> director immediately became terrified of the liability.  He worries
> that Reed might drop a lancet (which someone could step on or find and
> tell their parents) or there might be some problem with blood.  He
> believes there is only a one in a million chance of a problem, but a
> much greater chance that the appearance of a problem would make him
> liable.  Beginning tomorrow, he says, Reed must come to the nurse's
> office each time he needs to test.

The camp's position is bad, at best.  It is discrimination and 
against federal law - the ADA has been used successfully to sue and 
get damages.  Also, ask if they would like media attention - how they 
want to discriminate against your son, and interfere with his medical 
treatment?  Offer to get a lawyer and a reporter on the case, and 
then offer the "temporary compromise" that your son be allowed to 
test when and where he needs to as appropriate.  Call your local home 
health office and ask for a small sharps container - I got one that 
is about two inches long and about three inches long - ideal for 
lancets and the other sharps involved with pump therapy for a few 
days.  He is more exposed to liability by refusing to allow a person 
with diabetes to take care of medically necessary tasks or by making 
it unreasonably difficult to take care of these tasks.  

Randall Winchester

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