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[IP] didn't drop it in the toilet, but....

I fell in while fishing with the pump inside my waders. Hehe, and the
waders filled up with water.  I had to wring-out my clothes, and dried
off the pump (MM507) as best I could, and prayed that it didn't harm the
pump so it wouldn't work.  It came through like a trooper, and I made it
the 1.5 hr flight back to camp.  It wouldn't have been good to have it
go down while in the bush!  I have dropped it numerous times on the
carpet, have it bounce around on the end of the tubing; but never threw
it ;-}bg. I remember the nurse who gave me instructions on using the
pump, had a pump that had seen better days....taped, and cracked, and I
thought that my pump was not going to look that bad ever.  At the rate I
am going, I am not too sure---------Laurie B.
So far it just keeps on clicking.  The
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