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[IP] update on me and tyler

 hi everyone 
how is your day mine is good bs have been real good and the pump is doing a
grate job and i had a mild scard this am i pass out but me and baby are doing
real good bs was not the promble i got up to quick and as hot is it is i think
that was the trouble i went to the dr and he said that i was doing real good
and so was the baby he has me on light bed rest as of now i had one of my mood
swings and i cry last night our son is almost hear and lee will not be hear
for our son birth and i need him now but he is in my heart and in sprit but he
will look down and see his son and my son need me now and i will try to be the
best i can for him go to the ob doc firday and see the daibetes dr thursday i
will let yall know how every thing gose i need yall love and word of widsom
iam ready but i have cold feet about labor this is an emotional time now i cry
about everything now so i need your love and word of widsom me and tyler will
make it and the love of my family and friends hear and on the web i know we
will make it with the love of the LORD and my web family and my family at home
and faith i will make it   will see yall to nigjt 
                  with love lisa  
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