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[IP] Kayla's pump!


I am having kind of the same problem with my insurance company, the rental
and all, except my "trial period" is 6 months.  When I told Minimed about
the situation, they got foaming mad and are writing letters to the top
people at my insurance company, having meetings, causing all havoc at the
company.  I would call your Minimed rep and tell him what they are doing.
Then I would send a copy of the story you just relayed to us, to the
highest ranking officials at your insurance company you can find.  I'm
sure they'd like to know the kind of quality their patients are getting.

What your company is doing, if it's not illegal, is downright unethical.
It's hard enough for a little kid to adjust to MDI in the first place
without making all these changes between that and the pump and back.  It
doesn't sound like they intended to keep their promise about giving Kayla
the pump, and need to be 'pushed' into doing so.  If their only
stipulation be that she be "using it" at the end of 6 weeks, then 1) they
don't know anything about committment to bg control, and 2) it sounds like
they can be sued for breech of verbal contract.

I'm with you!


Ann Arbor, Michigan

"The poet judges not as a judge judges but as the sun falling around a helpless 
thing."  -- Walt Whitman

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