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[IP] Re:I can't explain this

John, now that you have brought up cannabis (a funny chemical indeed), I
should note that many years ago a medical colleague and I did an experiment
with this to see its effect on BG.  Since cannabis does wonderful things to
the appetite, and since I would always overeat when ever I used this drug
(for medical reasons only of course;-), we had questioned whether it might
have any direct effect on lowering BG.  Well the bad news was that it
didn't seem to lower BG at all, so all that extra carbo still had to be
dealt with in the normal (i.e., diabetic) way, which back then was by the
kidneys peeing it out.   Just think, if we had found a positive result, we
might all be pumping cannabis now.  Many people would also have been
excising their pancreases just to get on the pump! :-)

<<<<<<<<<<From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Re:I can't explain this

Wayne wrote:
> John, you are supposed to be more scientific than this :-)  I have never
> heard of BG being affected by "all those funny chemicals."   I bet it is
> all related to the caffiene, which can affect different people differently
> at different times.

I resent that slur ! ;-) I was thinking along the lines of the people
who want cannabis legalised for medicinal use. The evidence is that
taking tablets of the pharmaceutically active stuff has inferior results
to smoking the real leaf. The implication is that trace ammounts of "all
those funny chemicals" change the action of the main compound. Does that
make sense to anyone???      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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