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[IP] trigger finger

trigger finger was not a stiffness for me.  From what I had explained to
me, it is the ligament that passes through the finger bones that
develops nodules on it, thus it locked to a position and had to be
manipulated to finish the movement.  I do a lot of repetitive motion
with my hands, and had surgery on four different fingers, at four
different times.  It was as an outpatient, and it took a couple of weeks
to heal up, and then I had to work the stiffness out.  My hands are
doing great from the surgeries, but now I think I just have the
rheumatis (sp) and my hands swell.  My wrist has had tendonitis for the
last 2 years, and now my shoulder hurts...it isn't frozen shoulder, but
it is very sore and I keep working on it.  I think I will look up a
accupuncturist before I will go back to a bone doc.  That is trigger
finger, use your finger to pull a trigger (pretend) and if it locks
before you are able to reach as far as you can, or if you feel a nodule
in your finger hanging up, you got it.  Laurie B.
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