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Re: [IP] Re: leg jerks, etc. with low bgs

> >Celia wrote:
> >
> >  It seems to me that a low bg is an emergency whereas high
> > bg's can allow more time for correction.
> >
> Ruth Elowitz wrote: This depends on the insulin you've got coming.  With humalog or with
> blocked tubing it is not
> true.  Your blood sugar goes up every bit as fast as it goes down.

Sure it may climb fast, but going or being high for some period of time is just not as dangerous
as going or being low for that same period of time. I thought that everybody with knowledge about
and experience with diabetes believed this! The major concern (for me and most) is the brain
damage which will occur with a low bg, especially if is sustained. I certainly want my lows
treated quickly...


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