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Re: [IP] Trigger Finger

Eugenia, I THINK I have trigger finger, but I do not know for sure.  I thought
at first it was arthritis and that dr. told me about tmt. with shots or pills.
I can't remember now.  My endo said it was neuropathy which seemed reasonable
at the time.  A person at this site described "trigger finger" and it sounded
EXACTLY like what I had.  Is "trigger finger" a form of neuropathy?  I would
really like to know exactly what it is.  Anyway, this person said she had had
surgery several times so that didn't sound too great to me.  I have found that
running has allowed me to open and close my hands completely, without pain.  I
haven't a clue why this works, but my fingers are great now.  I first noticed
I could do this while I was running, but now I can open and close my hands
freely all the time.  I do run 20 miles/week and I wonder if I quit running,
will the stiffness come back?  Any ideas?  ellen
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