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Re: [IP] Self-testing at Camp

> I continue to be so impressed by the information I'm getting from this
> group (although, being away over the 4th, I'm a few days behind).  If
> this question has just been answered somewhere else, please just tell
> me when and where.
> A problem just arose at my son's camp.  It's a sports day camp.  Reed
> is 10 and went on the pump seven weeks ago.  For the last two years,
My daughter Lily is going to Mountain Camp for the 3rd year, this 
time as a counsler in training. They have been very accomodating in 
every way, no hassle. You might point out that the Americans with 
Disabilities Act requires accomodation from schools (that's a battle 
that has been won recently). I would be happy to talk to the camp 
director if you like about Lily's experiences. She just turned 15 and 
has gone for 2 weeks each summer as a 13, 14 year old. BTW, they 
don't worry about that stuff at Diabetes camps, they usually use a 
YMCA or similar facility. No-one goes around with a microscope 
looking for lancets.

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