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[IP] Re: 2 different questions...

My computer is acting very strange so forgive me if this comes across MANY
Joseph Diffee wrote:

> Hello,
>     I learned of the "diabetic frozen shoulder" from Delaine.  My first
> question is...Is there such a thing as "Diabetic frozen hip"?!?!?  Does
> it just happen in the shoulder?!  My hip has been killing me for years
> but the past 2 months I cry when I walk!!!  My husband says I just need
> to excercise it more!! (ha, ha)!!!  My dr. says I'm too young to have
> joint pain when I did mention it one time before.  I have to do
> something about it though...
>     Second, how can I get my insurance company to cover my test
> strips?!?!?  I recieved a years supply (I made connections at the
> hospital I work at) but my year is almost up.  They don't cover them
> because they are "disposable"...so were the syringes I use to use - so
> what is their point?
>                                              -Tonya D.  :-)

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