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Re: [IP] basal rates?

Lori wrote:
> I'm not sure I'd want the complication of having the pump give me basal
> insulin I've missed while in suspend.  I've been pumping less than 2
> months, but I figured out almost immediately how my MM 507 was delivering
> my basal on the basis of the clicks.  
> I'm on fairly low basals (ranging from .4 to .6), so I do take this into
> account.  But to me, it's not that much trouble to notice the time when I
> disconnect to take a shower or change my set and/or tubing.  When I'm back
> up running, I just bolus the amount I missed.  Today, for example, I took
> out my old set at 10:02 and, because of telephone interruptions, etc.,
> didn't get back up and running until 10:42.  Since I know my basal is .5
> beginning at 10 am, I just took .1 for the 10:12, 10:24, and 10:36
> deliveries, for a total of .3.
> I suppose it might be more of a bother if I was on .7 or some other amount
> that doesn't divide easily, but I think I'd probably get used to it pretty
> quickly.  I mean, it happens *every* day . . .


You say you don't want the complication of having your missed basal on
reconnection, and then describe what is to disorganised me a rather
complex procedure! :)

a) know your basal rate for the intervening period (heaven forbid if it
was around bed time when you took you bath and that was when you basal
rate changed)
b) note the time you disconnected
c) note the time you reconnected
d) calculating the time difference

Why not have an option, on coming out of suspend mode, of reclaiming
your lost basal? If you press nothing, you get nothing, if you press
"ACT" (on the Minimed) you get an appropriate small bolus. Perhaps the
whole feature could be switched off in the setup section  la square
wave etc

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