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[IP] Re: number of type I diabetics/number of diabetics on pump

> do you know how many Type I diabetics there are, u.s. and worldwide?
> i have heard 800,000 in the U.S. and 10 mm worldwide
> how many are on the pump?  any idea of where i would find out?
from www.insulin-free.org


 Diabetes: The Enemy
                           Diabetes affects at least 135 million
                           people worldwide, 13 million of whom have
                           insulin-dependent diabetes. The
                           International Diabetes
                               Federation says that complications from
                               diabetes kill 2.8 million
                          people around the world every year. The
                          World Health Organization
                           predicts that by 2025, 30 million people
                           will have insulin-dependent
                               diabetes and the disease will effect
                               300 million over all. In many
                            countries diabetes is the primary cause of
                            blindness, kidney failure
                                and amputation. Diabetes is a leading
                                cause of disability and it
                          reduces life expectancy by 30%. In the
                          United States alone diabetes
                             costs $138 billion annually, that is one
                             out of every seven dollars
                          spent on health care. These statistics defy
                          the conventional wisdom
                           that diabetes is a "manageable" disease. It
                           is time to find ways---not
                                       to manage, not to live
                                       with---but to overcome

The US numbers are about 10-12% of these. Pumpers make up about 3-5% 
if IDDMr's of which there are 1.5 million in the US (in round 
numbers) There are better numbers for the US on the ADA and JDF 

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