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[IP] Self-testing at Camp

I continue to be so impressed by the information I'm getting from this
group (although, being away over the 4th, I'm a few days behind).  If
this question has just been answered somewhere else, please just tell
me when and where.

A problem just arose at my son's camp.  It's a sports day camp.  Reed
is 10 and went on the pump seven weeks ago.  For the last two years,
he has been fortunate enough to have the freedom to do blood tests on
his own at camp.  He'd go to the nurse at times, but at other times he
would do his own tests.  The camp owner/director had not thought this
through.  The nurses were ok with it.

Today, a staff member at camp (a teacher or school nurse) brought up
to the director how this would not be permitted at school, and the
director immediately became terrified of the liability.  He worries
that Reed might drop a lancet (which someone could step on or find and
tell their parents) or there might be some problem with blood.  He
believes there is only a one in a million chance of a problem, but a
much greater chance that the appearance of a problem would make him
liable.  Beginning tomorrow, he says, Reed must come to the nurse's
office each time he needs to test.

With the pump, and with us still trying to get the basal rate right,
Reed now tests as follows:

	When he wakes up  7 am
	On the bus to camp  9:30
	Before lunch  12:15 pm
	Mid-afternoon 2:30 pm
	Late afternoon (on bus)  4-5pm or
	Arriving at home 5:15
	He also has the option to test at any time:  he carries a Glucometer
with him or can go to the nurse.

The question is:  has anyone ever won this battle?  We lost it at
school last year.  The local JDF director has no materials, although
she is willing to talk to the director.  Has the ADA ever been used.
We can't make this a Federal case because this is his last year at

I'd appreciate any help.



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