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Re: [IP] Insurance is backpedaling on paying

On  6 Jul 98 at 21:51, Sue W wrote:

> I use a logbook called "My Other Checkbook."  Each day's records are on
> a separate page.  You might consider transferring Kayla's records to a
> book like that.  Then threaten to FAX that (approximately 180
> pages/documents) plus everything else you can get your hands on from
> doctors, nurses, CDE's, etc.  They probably won't want to wade through
> that many pages of documentation.  They also probably won't want their
> FAX machine tied up for that much time!  Sometimes you just have to play
> the game their way -- DIRTY!

When you fight with an insurance company you aren't fighting dirty, 
just using appropriate tools.  That includes using legal assistance, 
media pressure, governmental involvement and what ever else is at 
hand to hold them to responsible action.  Many of the first three 
tiers of "approval" are done by people who have been told to deny 
everything and then stonewall.  You have to start up the chain, 
and keep pursuing them.  Their viewpoint is that they don't want to 
pay anything even if medically necessary.  It's not even a case of 
the "end justifies the means" to "fight dirty" with an insurance 
company.  It's like using a shotgun on a rabid dog - unpleasant but 
an approprate and ethical way to deal with a problem.    

Randall Winchester

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