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[IP] Insulin Pump and Intimacy

     Hi Tina,
     Regarding intimacy and the pump, the very first night that I was home 
     with my new pump I took a shower, wrapped my hair in a towel and put 
     my pump in a garter belt. This was all that I had on. I walked into 
     the kitchen where my husband was preparing dinner and said what do you 
     think of me now babe. His response was - "you're my little bionic 
     woman". Aside from making fun of myself my husband was so pleased with 
     my new found success that it far outweighs the fact that I wear my 
     pancreas on the outside of my bod. During those shared intimate times, 
     I put the pump under my pillow. Or, you can disconnect. Just don't 
     fall asleep!
     Go Noles!
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