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Re: [IP] Disetronic & Sofset

Barbara wrote:
> << SofSet is not
>  recommended for use on the Disetronic since the SofSet has a small
>  rubber membrane through which the insertion needle goes. Because the
>  Disetronic pumps at higher pressure, there is a risk that if the canula
>  becomes blocked, the insulin will leak out of the self-sealing hole in
>  the membrane before the no delivery alarm goes off, 
>   >>
> So then, does that mean that the self sealing membrane on the Tender, Comfort
> sets will have the same thing happen?

Presumably the rubber seals of the Tender have been designed to
withstand a higher pressure. And of course the set operates with the
needle still in the rubber, giving something for the rubber to close
around, where as on the SofSet the needle is removed, leaving a "looser"

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