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Re: [IP] tendonitis

Hi Barb G.:

I've got some experience with shoulder problems...

It's probably not tendonitis, but rather a "frozen shoulder" (adhesive
encapsulitis) that your friend was talking about.  My internist told me
that this problem is proportionately much more common among diabetics than
in the general population.  A frozen shoulder occurs when the fascia
(tendon sheath) in the shoulder adheres to the tendons underlying it.

I was hit with this problem in my left should 1.75 years ago and am about
90% back to normal by now (after much physio, accupuncture, exercises,
massage, etc.). I was later hit with the same problem in the right
shoulder. Luckily I knew what to do this time (the first time, it took me
several months to escape the chiropractors who wouldn't admit that they
weren't the best help for such a problem...) and it was repaired almost
immediately through accupuncture (the NIH, in its study of alternative
medicine  highly recommended accupuncture for treatment of frozen shoulder
- part of the benefit may be due to the increase in circulation which it
brings to the not terribly well-nourished shoulder). As well, during his
last visit to his family home in Shanghai, my accupuncturist (also a Dr of
tradional Chinese medicine from U of Shanghai) learned of a new
herbal-pack treatment used in China for the treatment of a  frozen
shoulder - One of his other patients has tried it and noticed a great
improvement. I'll try it too ($6 Canadian  is all he charges for guts of
the pack and the stuff can be used for a couple of years) - it's just that
right now, all of my attention has been on my herniated L5 disk...

Certainly it is possible that you have something other than a frozen
shoulder - In fact I would bet that you do since you don't mention any
problem in getting dressed! However, you may develop a frozen shoulder if
you do not get whatever shoulder problem you do have cured. (Sometimes
frozen shoulder develops after the shoulder has been not used, due to an
injury, for a while...).

I had my shoulder xrayed to eliminate arthritis. The physiotherapist told
me that rheumatoid arthritis is generally symmetric (ie., both shoulders
would likely be hit if the problem was rheumatoid arthritis), so  the xray
would only be more useful in eliminating other forms of arthritis.

Concerning tendonitis - I know that for me, a symptom of tendonitis has
always been that it gets very sore overnight. If you find your shoulder
waking you up with pain in the morning, you may have tendonitis. With my
frozen shoulder, I did NOT have the morning wake-up pain - just an
excruciating pain when I had to move my arm in any direction (all of those
tendons in the arm were glued onto my fascia). (Physiotherapists have
better ways of determining whether or not you have tendonitis - but their
tests told me what I already knew from experience - I had no tendonitis!).

I hope some of this info is of help or interest to you. Good luck with
your shoulder...


Earl Guillory wrote:

>    Anyone out there have any experience with tendonitis? A friend on
> the net told me about Diabetic Shoulder Syndrom, but my dr. doesn't
> believe there is such a thing. I've been having problems with my right
> shoulder since last September. Had physical therapy, and even
> cortisone shots, but keep hurting it again and again. All I am doing
> is stretching when I wake up in the morning, or taking my clothes off,
> washing dishes, or picking up a 2liter soda bottle.
>    anyone have any feed back? Should I try to get to a rheumatologist?
> I had a sed rate done, dr. said if it was something like fibromylagia
> the rate would be very elevated, but mine was normal. I just want to
> know what to do to heal this mess and help prevent a reoccurance!!
>    Thanks for any feed back!
>     Barb G
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