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Re: [IP] Re: leg jerks, etc. with low bgs

Ruth Elowitz wrote:

> Celia McInnis wrote:
> > . As one of my cycling partner says (and he's perfectly correct) "If
> > you don't feel right, just EAT - RIGHT NOW! - You can analyze the situation
> > later...".
> >

>  This is a sort of great and sort of terrible idea!...

It may be bad advice for others, but for me it has been invaluable. Certainly it is my
tendency to have quickly dropping bg levels -sometimes with exercise and other times for
no apparent reason - In addition,  it is my tendency to analyze situations before reacting
to them. In the past, this has sometimes caused me to progress beyond a state at which I
am physically able to help myself... The window of opportunity can be quite small...

> ... If you can possibly blood test, blood test.

Certainly - but occasionally (sorry...) I do escape without my meter - and I have never
yet run into problems with DKA. It seems to me that a low bg is an emergency whereas high
bg's can allow more time for correction.

>  Often eating anyway
> > won't hurt but if you don't caluculate how many carbs you eat for a hypo you can
> > cause you blood sugar to start swinging and with a pump swings can get hard to
> > stop.

Yes. I certainly record and control my carbs, but I still have trouble with rebounds after
lows. At least the pump makes it much easier and safer to deal with these swings.
Certainly my internist prodded me to get a pump because of my difficulty (that's an
understatement!) in maintaining steady bg levels.

>  As a side note, in addition to having mistreated my own symptoms, I have
> > twice been in the hospital and had hospital staff treat them without testing first.
> > One of those two times I had some pretty serious DKA as a result.

I'm surprised that you received such poor treatment, Ruth. Were you unconscious at the
time? I hope that they at least tested your bg after pumping you full of glucagon or

>  In the mid 1980's
> > -- I had an AutoSyringe pump -- I remember being encouraged to learn to assess my bg
> > without testing -- by how I felt.

I guess your encouragers didn't have the knowledge that we now do...


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