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Re: [IP] LXN "duet" meter

Hi Kelly,

I was told that the Duet meter was mostly a luxury -- that you didn't
really need it if you see your doctor regularly.  However, I was also
told that it would be really good for a diabetic woman who is pregnant. 
This way the pregnant woman could keep a really good watch on those all
important levels.

<< Wondered if anyone out there had tried a new meter called the LXN
it measures fructosamine, as well as normal blood plasma, I believe.  A
fructosamine test is apparently similar to an HbA1c, but the time period
two weeks, rather than a quarter.  I think this is going to be marketed
toward Type II diabetics who don't test at all (so they can at least get
sense of the trend line, since many of them don't see physicians every
quarter), but I actually like it for myself.  I purchased it at the ADA;
they had a special, but even so, it was expensive ($250); my "flexible
benefits" money for the year, luckily, is holding out (because I'm in a
trial for a new long-acting insulin by Hoechst, so I don't have to pay
strips!), so my work will pay for it.  Am not sure if insurance will pay
it otherwise; strips are expensive, too, though I got 16 in this
package, so
I should be good for over half a year.  

Anyway, was curious, with all the talk of monitors, if anyone had heard
this one.  Also, wondered if anyone had any comments about Minimed's new
continuous monitor coming out?  I believe the first phase will be used
as a
diagnostic tool for physicians and as a hypoglycemic alarm.  Not sure
that my insurance will pay for, but am checking it out now.  Sounds like
when it's a substitute monitor for regular testing, they would pay.
Eventually, I believe this will be intertwined with the pump, but before
that happens, was curious if people would wear it--guess it would be
having a second pump, and you could see your blood glucose reading
Anyway!  As always, appreciate any feedback.  I am going on the pump in
three weeks (when the trial is over)--can't wait!  I know the initial
is said to be rocky, but I am looking forward to improving control

Thanks again, kelly >>


	... Sue  :-)

		For a healthy heart ...
		Give your Faith a workout!

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