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What I tried, was: Re: [IP] tendonitis, somewhat lengthy article


Sorry for the oversight. They tried NSAIDs, which helped somewhat. (Non
Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs ?). The thing which helped a lot was 1.5
+ years of physical therapy, manipulation, stretching, strength building,
etc. My range of motion improved greatly, there is still some discomfort,
and at times, some real tears when I forget about the injury and move quickly.

For those of you who think you *may* have something like this going on, get
it checked. I didn't realize how much I missed cross country skiing, golf,
fly fishing, tossing snow balls every so often, sleeping on my right
shoulder, washing my back in the shower, reaching for books, putting on and
taking off clothing - you get the picture ;-| My injury was stupid, caused
by pure stubbornness, and I wish I had it taken care of immediately.

My problem was officially diagnosed as a "severe sprain of the rotator
cuff". My orthopedist indicated that my shoulder was close to being
"frozen". Nothing showed on x-ray, etc, so the diagnosis was based in large
part on my description, the ortho's manipulation, and the expression on my

I was told that the *worst* thing to do was avoid use of the damaged area
(I had done that for close to one year). Not moving it contributes to the
capsulization. (is that a word?)

Stretchy rubber bands, available from your friendly physical therapist,
often work well to restore strength. A series of stretching exercises, a
minimum of twice a day, helped restore the range of motion. The meds helped
initially. Ultrasound therapy and electro stimulation brought relief when
things were real stiff and painful, helped the physical therapy
manipulation / stretching stuff work better.

You need to stick with the plan for it to work, though. I gave up earlier
than I should have, but got over the real bad parts.


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>Bob, You never said what you did to improve your condition.  I am curious to
>know what has worked for you?  ellen

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