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Re: [IP] tendonitis, somewhat lengthy article

Acouple of years ago, I had adhesive capsulitis in both shoulders.  First year
the right one and about year and half  later the left one.  It is a miserable
and painful condition.  Don"t think I got a good nights sleep in over 2 years.
I tried all the usual, physical therapy, steroid injections and Non steroidal
drugs.  None of which worked. Finally had them manipulated under anesthesia.
That seemed to do the trick!  They are fine now except I have lost some range
of motion in each one.  I had a really good doctor who realized it was
probably a complication of my diabetes and worked with me in everyway
possible.  I think its just take time and alot of patience!
Hang in there and be careful with the steroids as they play havoc with your
blood sugar!
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