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[IP] Infusion Set Adherance


I use a complicated sequence of steps to insure that my sets stay on. 
The last one I lost was when I was playing in the pool with my 4 yr old
son and his foot got caught on the tubing.  Prior to that I couldn't
tell when I had one come loose for no reason.
Incidently, I use Tenders with my Disetronic pump.

My recipe:
1)  Wipe site with 3M No Sting Barrier Film.
2)  Apply IV300 dressing.  First I cut the width to match the infusion
set, then after the Step One application is on, I trim the "length" to
the infusion set length (about the junction of the Step Two piece).
3)  Wipe IV300 with 3M No Sting Barrier Film.
4)  Inset infusion set through IV3000 dressing.
5)  Wipe 3M No Sting Barrier Film above and below the plug on the
infusion set.
6)  Apply one piece of 3M Micro Pore surgical tape on both top and
bottom edges of the infusion set.  This helps keep the edge from being
exposed to the water and working loose.

I know it sounds like a long process, but it works for me.

Good luck.  If you need more clarification on this process, email me.

email @ redacted

Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 13:39:00 -0400 (EDT)
From: Miranda Schatten <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Sue-Grue, and Swimming Tape Tips

I'm going to have to try some of the other kinds of tape that some of
guys suggested.  My QR sof-set tape popped my site out while I was
*sleeping* this weekend!  That shouldn't happen, and who knows what it
will do while I'm swimming.  I swim practically every day and am
frustrated with this loose tape.  I think someone mentioned Tegaderm so
I'll have to try that.

- - Sue -- a grue is a monster in an old Infocom video game "Zork" that
always ate you if you were alone in the dark without a torch.

Have a great day!  Miranda 

- ---,--'--{@

Ann Arbor, Michigan
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