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Re: [IP] Insurance is backpedaling on paying

> Okay gang, I need some help here.  My insurance company is doing a major

1) ask if they discriminate on the basis of age
2) be persistent, they will give up eventually
3) see the list of kids successfully pumping at the end of this 
message (including Kayla)
4) ask NOW for the name of the appeals person and indicate that you 
intend to appeal any negative decision and if that does not work, you 
will hand the matter to your attorney. Point out to them that the 
pump has been prescribed for Kayla and is medically appropriate. The 
policy does NOT exclude it, and you want it NOW. Make some noises 
about denial of benefits and copy your congressman and senator.

Think of the headlines "5 year old denied treatment for diabetes"
Oh boy!
>  I cannot afford to rent a pump myself.
AH!! this is part of the secret

Order the pump anyway, let it get billed to the insurance AND DON'T 
scream bloody murder, but then you have them on your side and they 
have much greater leverage than you do. I did not pay for Lily's pump 
for over a year and a half and guess what, it was finally approved!

Currently on the list we have these kid pumpers (there are more, I
just don't know all their names and ages)

2 Hannah
17 (started at 3) Ellissa
4 Will
5 (started at 4) Drew
5 Kayla
6 Brendan
6 Megan
6 Jessica
7 (started at 6) Cameron
7 Rachel
8 Chris
8 Marisa
10 Zach (started 7.5)
9 Stephanie #2
9 Brandon
9 Paul
13 1/2 ( started at 10) Darren
10 Reed
10 Ravi
11 Amy
11 Brian
11 Nate
14 (started at 11) Lily
15 (started at 13) Melissa
13 Chelsey 
16 (started 14) Stephanie #1
14 Jason
15 Brian
16 Bryan

In addition, there are quite a few kids age 7 - 10 waiting for pumps
in the next month or two.
email @ redacted
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